Cracking on with the magic book for the fantasy project this week. As the main body of the book is finished, I’m working on modelling the runes that will appear around the central front cover.

Our lesson was interrupted this week for an internet safety test and we lost quite a bit of time because of it so I didn’t manage to get as much done as I’d hoped. I did get done three runes – Water, Earth and Air;

While these appear flat in the pictures, I have added and raised a central line on the rear as these runes will be cut into the book before the high poly bake. The water rune is a bit of a hodge-podge; its two separate pieces that I’m treating as one but since its only being used for an imprint before its deleted, I’m not worried about the quality of it.

I’m also now a bit behind on this project and not where I’d like to be. I have a few more runes still to do as well as the central eye and a corner cover imprint. I’ll see about catching up after I get other projects finished.


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