We’ve moved onto a new project in Concept Art this week that we’ll continue into next.

The jist is we have to come up with 10 thumbnail designs to form a character around a theme of nightmares and what lurks in the dark. While this doesn’t affect us as much now in adulthood, we all have memories of this as a child; something scaring you in the dark corner of the room, noises from the loft at night or certain objects in certain rooms that could send shivers down your spine.

Its this focus that is going to be the influence of the characters we’re going to design. There’s also a very wide range of possible outcomes too from ghosts, demons, monsters clowns etc (God I hate clowns) and even the opportunity to combine them to make something truly freaky from the stuff of nightmares.

I have started a sketch of something along the lines of ghosts in the dark cloak lurking in the shadows, this is what sprang to mind straight away. I have a couple of others too but not enough personal experiences (and the variety) to make the ten so the rest of them will be influenced by my imagination as I draw.



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