This is my second animation for the animation project.

Tina Rig

For this second animation I’m using the Tina rig which is available on Moodle, she’s shown to the left. To help me with this animation I’m again using the book; The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams.

Having experimented and learned with the first rig, I felt more like I knew what I was doing with this and was more aware of the controllers of the rig and what I’d had to do with it. It seems that I’d gotten my animation head on in style with this one as I worked with a four window screen throughout; with top down, front, side and free view perspectives.

Walk Cycle 1

I wasn’t really sure where to go with this animation or what to do for it, it turned out to be decided on the fly. So to begin with, and as the same as the first animation, I began with a walk cycle.  I also spent longer with the walk cycle scrutinising the angle of the shoes and how the foot hits and reacts with the floor.

I’m pretty impressed with how this turned out but the more I see that left GIF, the more hypnotic it becomes.

I’d decided right around this point that it wouldn’t be another walking piece, instead she’d turn and run but I needed a reason for that. So I made her jump after a few steps from a scare, then she’d turn and run away. I knew this’d be a little ambitious but I thought I’d go for it – what’s the worst that could happen?

I keyed frames in for her jump but only enough for the basic motions to get a feel for later.

I’d keyed a few frames of a turn next and leant her body over a little before keying a few more steps as a starting point for the run. I didn’t have any experience of how I’d make this happen so I was up and out of my chair more times than I could count taking note of how I turn and where my feet went then transitioning these movements to Tina.

What I didn’t think about either was the turn in its entirety. While the feet behaved as I wanted them to I didn’t think about the legs, it only when I played the animation back I saw that they didn’t cross over but actually went through each other. So I had to spend time going over this section frame by frame adding more keyframes making sure that as the crossover happened, it looked as natural as possible.

Tina Jump, Turn, Run

From here I started thinking about the run more and turned back to the book. I didn’t want the run to look totally realistic but instead I wanted it to be more cartoony, especially since I knew how I was planning to have her jump. So I used the fast run over four frames taking into account the body positions of the 6 frame cartoon run.

Once thJumpese were in place I went back and concentrated on the jump. I wanted kind of a cartoony/anime feel to the jump where the arms would be thrown into the air and the legs would come right up almost knocking the knees together. After that, I went back through the animation in waves altering the hand movements as she walked, tweaking the jump, the landing and the movement of her arms as she ran.

What I did take a lot of tweaking and altering until it was right was the landing of her jump. At first I was happy with the landing but the more I looked at it, the more it didn’t look right. I eventually found out that her centre of gravity was off, she was landing upright before leaning and altering her centre to push herself up. Once I’d fixed this it looked far better and lots more believable.

I’d like to say I finished there but I didn’t. I became a little bit obsessive with her animations and framing and went through quite a lot of further tweaking, some parts literally by the frame. I found needless frames in the graph editor which were removed and tweaked a few leans and smoothed a few more turns and motions out. Eventually though I did finish and Playblasted the finished thing;


Submission post: Tina Submission


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