Linking to previous work in progress blog posts; Herc and Tina

While I have enjoyed this project, I have found it to be painstakingly time consuming. There doesn’t seem to be a “oh, just 10 more minutes” thing, before you know it and hour and a half has gone by and all you’ve got to show for it is a character turning around, or a jump, or a fall.

Its a long process, its painful sometimes too since when things go wrong it can turn a small problem into a nightmare. There’s so many small things you need to constantly think about and follow that you might not think matters but actually, they do; but through all of this there’s something quite satisfying seeing your animation work after what feels like days nit picking over which way a shoe faces and how a leg goes down. When it all works, looks believable and is as smooth as the proverbial ‘baby’s bottom’, it just fills you with the happy’s because it looks cool.

Rendering these out was a bit of a pain at times. By far the easiest part was the infinite background. I originally tried two plains; one as a floor and another as a wall in the back but I found to get a better effect I had to curve a plain (so raise an edge of a piece of paper and you’ll get what I mean) and for vibrancy I gave it some colour.

The hardest part of it was to get the lighting correct. The scene has three point lighting but I kept finding that the rig was either being washed out or the scene was too dark or one light was cancelling out the others through its brightness. There was a lot of trial and error in finding the best intensity but after what seemed like a small eternity, I managed to find something that I was happy with.

I also had a bit of a struggle with Premier too as it fought a little but with sheer determination and a bit of ignorance I made it through the other end with something that I think looks very good.






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