Quite a bit when it comes to projects such as these!

For reasons mentioned in the latest Concept Art post (part 2), there’s not a lot of work been done to this project.

I have finished (nearly) cutting out all of the sprites I want/need for my cunning plan to work and I need to begin placing them into the video footage I’ve shot. That in itself is presenting me with a few problems though.

Below is pretty much what I’m wanting for me scene and what I think will really show off what I’m trying to pull off. After Effects thinks otherwise though. I’m having some right issues trying to get tracking done – there’s many, many errors coming from After Effects saying it won’t work and when it does, the animations I’m trying to attach to the tracking points aren’t sticking to them. To top that off, I’ve also recently noticed that the tracking points aren’t remaining throughout the video but rather are blinking on and off like fairy lights on a Christmas tree. scene.PNG

I’ve also now been back to the place I’ve filmed the footage for the third time today trying a higher angle and a couple of shots with different backgrounds with the hope I get some decent tracking that I can work with.

I’m trying to remain hopeful but if it doesn’t go well I’ll have to rethink what I want and where I can get decent footage. And with two weeks to go until this needs to be handed in, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t becoming a little concerned.



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