Animation Project – Submission

Linking to previous work in progress blog posts; Herc and Tina While I have enjoyed this project, I have found it to be painstakingly time consuming. There doesn't seem to be a "oh, just 10 more minutes" thing, before you know it and hour and a half has gone by and all you've got to show for it … Continue reading Animation Project – Submission


Animation Project – Animation 1

For this project I've been tasked to create two animations which follow or include the below criteria. We're free to choose whichever two tasks we want. For my first I'm using a Herc rig which is available on Moodle and here he is above. To help me with the animation and to make it look … Continue reading Animation Project – Animation 1

Animation – The Final Chase! Updated! Again!

Staring off the lesson today we watched another animation. This time it wasn't a Pixar one, instead it was a hand drawn one. It was really nice to see too since all animation now is done inside a computer. It just doesn't have the impact and wow factor of proper hand drawn stuff. Anyway, I digress. … Continue reading Animation – The Final Chase! Updated! Again!