Not much to say here. No teacher again this lesson so it was free time to either work on our blogs or for the presentation I'm giving on Monday showing what I've done and accomplished over the last few months. I chose the latter. The presentation is still under construction and work is still needed on … Continue reading Flash



Just a quick post here to say our lecturer is still off on the sick and we haven't had a lesson as such. Instead I've used the time to catch up on a couple of blog posts I'm behind on and to start planning what I need for my presentation in a couple of weeks. … Continue reading Flash

Christmas Game – Progress, Update & Unexpected Submission

Just a small post here to say there's been a few updates to the game. The first is there's been a graphical change. Santa's hand now carries a snowball ready to be thrown at the elves.  The elves themselves have been changed slightly to a lighter colour scheme on their outfits while their bodies have … Continue reading Christmas Game – Progress, Update & Unexpected Submission