The first Concept Art class of the year was about storyboarding; how it's done and our interpretation of given material. We were all given a passage of text to read and to then storyboard however we saw fit based on our interpretation of it. This is the text; "Once a guy stood all day shaking … Continue reading Storyboarding


Unity – Individual Game, Update #2

More individual game work this week and some very early GIF footage of the main character moving around the level in torchlight. The plan this week was to attach a movement script to the character, which I've done, and make a few more assets. I wasn't able to make as many assets for the game … Continue reading Unity – Individual Game, Update #2

Concept Art – Character Design; Research

For today's class we'veĀ been looking at artists and how they choose to represent themselves in their work before doing a mini evaluation of their style. This will eventually lead and help us into the creation of our own characters and drawing skills while (hopefully) being able to use the muscle and skull teachings from last … Continue reading Concept Art – Character Design; Research

Concept Art – Detailing the Bike

So, struggles this week in detailing the bike I modelled for the Dystopian Utopian project. Many struggles actually; I didn't know what Mudbox was doing, Tony didn't know what Mudbox was doing, there was many repeats of Tony saying "I've never seen that before" and at one point I was even called a walking computer … Continue reading Concept Art – Detailing the Bike