The first Concept Art class of the year was about storyboarding; how it's done and our interpretation of given material. We were all given a passage of text to read and to then storyboard however we saw fit based on our interpretation of it. This is the text; "Once a guy stood all day shaking … Continue reading Storyboarding


Imagined Worlds Project

Hey, welcome back. How was your summer? Its been a while since you were last here so let's ease you guy in gently to the much more difficult second year. Nope. That's not happening! "Hey, welcome back. Hope you're rested. BAM! GROUP PROJECT!" Yeah fellas, nice to see you all too.   So group project. … Continue reading Imagined Worlds Project

Year 2

So yeah. The is the start of the second year of the course. Until I figure out how to separate year one and year two into their own respective sections here on WordPress without making a second account, everything from here on out is for year two.     And I think I'm going to … Continue reading Year 2