More work has been done on the magic book for my group project. I’ve fleshed out design four that I’m going with by adding more concept detail on the book corners and explaining my idea a little more.

So to start with, I looked into book corner protectors/covers and came across a patterned style that I thought fit well with my design. I’ve used the design in the below picture to influence the simple etching that I’ll use in the final model and continuing with the rune theme, there’ll be one of these placed in the centre of each corner too. The only thing I’m not totally sureof at present is if these corners will be a brass like texture or something like a bone texture.

Book Corners

I’m thinking that the book will take on a brown leather style feel to it, something that you’d typically expect an old book to have and I tried to elaborate this with a zoomed in kind of pop-out in the concept picture. I’m not sure just how well it’s coming across though but here’s the look i’m aiming for – or something of the equivalent;

Leather Face

I’ve also added in some detail to the spine of the book too. That’ll be a simple design with the central eye rune/symbol (which is present and central on the cover) taking centre spot on here. Above and below that will be a single rune but at present I haven’t decided which ones. Separating those will be a small division which protrudes ever so slightly from the cover. This will be the same brown as the rest of the cover only much darker to separate out the spine. Each rune and symbol will be a single solid colour, much like a gold leaf colouring.

On the cover, I’ve decided that the central eye will be placed inside a small, raised circle where that circle could turn. Which each rune having a different meaning, the idea behind this is that to get a different kind of spell, the wizard would turn the eye to the kind of spell he wants, (fire, spirit, darkness etc) then open the book. Being a magic book it’d then show all the fire spells or darkness spells etc.

Below is the final concept design that I’ll be modelling from.


The book shape itself, runes, corner plates, central eye and circle will be on the low poly model with the engraving, pages (of the closed book – think a side on viewpoint) and texture of the cover will be in the high poly bake.

I’m also thinking at the moment of possibly adding some symbols of some description to the outer side of the centre circle but I’m not sure – that’ll depend on how much time I have remaining as the project moves on, I don’t want to give myself too much work and not enough time to do it.


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